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Claroscuro fashion store founded in Hannover germany in 2016 this modern high end fashion is inspired by traveling and the experiences that developed while beeing around the world

and the cultures discovered on the same path and way we traveled. we are two young designers that decided to make their passion also their job and live which consists on living to the fullest while getting to know this beutifull big world we live in and sometimes we hardly get to know becuase of its inmensity and diversity and that is what we want with out customer. We want our fashionistas and aficionados to live the experiences we where lucky to see and enjoy and transmit them to clothing and apparel in which they can enjoy their day to day to the fullest and our course so we can inspire their life and their wanderlust spirit that sometimes is dormand but never death that is the reason of our skull never forget that life can be short and boring but it can also be adventurus as the life of a pirate our logo icon represents all of that and more. Be Claroscuro enjoy claroscuro live claroscuro travel like claroscuro the world is claroscuro exprience claroscuro