A Passionate fashion brand exploring innovation textiles geometry and 3D printed technology

Modern innovative fashion that what we want. Thats what we make. There is a way. A company that thinks more in how to deliver something design something amazing while not trying to destroy the world while doing but learning from it.


Day and night, black and white, life and death, modern & classic, Even and uneven. Where some of the traits we look for in Design. The best way to go through life is just by living it. Travel & discover there is a journey in every city path or freely in the plain wild. Claroscuro was founded in Hannover, Germany the messe City also the greenest city in Europe.

The Story

Like most things the concept the idea started in 2016. It was a simple idea the will of making something different representing old glories with modernity that 21th century need and cries for. Innovative Design with a modern edge making trendy unique products. Not only visual design but functionality improving its form the shape making the look the mix between commodity and style. Now a days we try to look at our best while trying to keep up with the demands of our daily life, it does not matter if you are in are so called concrete jungle or maybe visiting the inca city in Peru for example.

Making the wearers life easier having being able to mix their garments in a fast choosing clothing process to avoid time consuming outfit ideas which can be great but the real sophistication lies in looking great with a small amount of effort making your stay in the closet a lot shoorter. Making fashion that is usable outdoors not only looking like a million dallars but also being functional though out its Design qualities is always a challenge.

Germany is the house of Claroscuro, Hannover became the perfect city for a birth. Being a place where a lot of designers meet to study, showcase or launch their ideas it was the perfect place to get inspired about the new and the old trends. Its also a City where adventure and a lot of free space can be found and just within meters wich was a sweet spot in order to test all the backpacks, messenger bags and Handbags that we have for you. Soon to come also accessories and apparel.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


Our Design Process

Each product have been carefully tought, developed and later executed. For example for our Home decoration you can live various design processes helping and working with each other to complete a look living inside a sculture. Making statements with fashion products is the ultimate delight.


Trends, new ideas or relevant world wide topics like global warming which interest us all are just some of the inspiration sources.

An idea is taken, after its brith,


The sketch phase beginns. A prototype comes to life.

Geometry plays a big role in the Claroscuro look. That modern futuristic way.



At Claroscuro a lot of the work is done with 3d printing technology.

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