Modern jewelry innovative printed accessories.

If you are looking for something special, personal and exceptional, then 3D printed jewelry is perfect for you.
3D Jewelry is an increasingly accessible reality, in a world where productivity reigns over design, it becomes indispensable to adapt to the versatility of design
creative technology and implement it to produce innovative pieces, faster and with an unbeatable finish.
In our new women’s jewelry section printed in 3D, we have two collections; the earrings that glow in the dark made of a luminous filament, perfect to shine at night or to dazzle at any festival.
These 3D printed earrings were created by inspiring us with geometric and minimalist shapes, trying to unite versatility and fashion.
Collaboration takes the 3D printing industry into new areas, demonstrating that technology can be used in the fashion industry to manufacture ready-to-use parts.
It proposes a shortcut to traditional casting processes. Fewer steps, more creation possibilities and material savings, are some of the advantages in its application
In this business, Women not only spend on clothes, aesthetics, accessories, etc., but they also consume the most avant-garde technological objects; That’s why we consider
that it could attract the fact of wearing a piece made completely in 3D and calling it jewelry.
This technology in terms of manufacturing has the advantage of producing parts faster and consuming the necessary material, so waste is minimized and contributes to preserving the environment as we work on ethical sustainable jewelry.
In the manufacture by 3D printer, unlike the traditional manufacture of products it is only necessary to give shape to the article and in the habitual manufacture they are required a large quantity of raw materials, much of which is discarded. In three-dimensional printing, less raw materials are needed and no waste is generated, so we will pollute much less
since the products will not be distributed. for a long distance and thus reduce the pollution generated by transport.


CLAROSCURO is all about geometry not only because its modern approach on new age fashion but also because it has been a companion of our culture during centuries. Geometry is the universal language we did not figure out mathematics we found them we had nothing to do...

Fashion Materials

Geometric material Claroscuro Minima Collection esta hecha con un material de patrón geométrico de alta calidad, con bolsos totes para mujer y bandoleras juveniles y modernas para hombre.          El material es luminoso lo cual hace que se vea elegante.  Son mochilas...

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