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There is passion in craftsmanship, innovating in design is lifestyle changing, working constantly bringing new ideas into life. Our mission is to combine simplicity and elegance between functionality we achieve this with quality materials and futuristic design.


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All Claroscuro products have been carefully double checked to ensure the highest quality standards before shipment. Sometimes we send extra presents, we like to care of our customers.

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CLAROSCURO represents te contrast between  styles in which the main idea is based in day and night, white and black, life and death, the modern and the classic. Opposite poles attract each other, another key elemenr that is embodied in the brands style and is representended in these opposites. Innovating in design and technology makes our products unique, this gives our Backpacks, Handbags & Accessories a unique look this ecos and transcends also to its functionality proving this way commodity and minimalism go hand in hand.


Vitae Collection

A leather bag is a timeless garment piece defined by its quality, beauty and durability. Bags made out of leather and textile, have been forming part of our lives and daily commute during centuries. Being part of our ancient fashion ancestry dating back to the beginning.  Fashion history transfered from generation to the next. A carefully handcrafted leather gartment will not only become softer in time, its beauty will increase with the passing of years.

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Minima Collection

Bags with a futuristic look, made ouf off quality and detail, creating a geometric mesh that provides rigidity to the structure but it is still flexible and lightweight. This makes gartment that is able to adapt to movement. So depending on how many things are in the handbags the geometry will transluce a diferent shape each time like a rubic cube. Now the pvc gives a water protection factor and strengh to he hole boy of any bag.

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CLAROSCURO Lastast urban designs fusions the elegance of leather with the innovation of material geometric shapped fabrics.  Bold looking fashion is what we are all about a slick look making every piece in the MINIMA OSCURA COLLECTION a show stopper.
Wild Bronco
Lobo Gris
Little Warrior
Messenger White

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Keep up to date to everthing that happens around the brand. Follow us on social media.  We have all sourts of amazong content like how we produce our 3d printed accessories also other many interesting stuff happening over there so join to explore and discover with us. Traveling discovering the world with style.

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Large Coffe
Explorer Oscura
Moon Breaker
Messenger Oscura

claroscuro fashion design modern innovative 3d printed accessories and more shop here now best prices in the market made in germany. We offer you chich trendy geoemtry style items such as bags handbags backpacks clutches these designer look wil make you outfit stand out amazing boho look with leather style making it the lifestyle look. Geometry is present in nature in such perfection that is so unique these is a message in the claroscuro family look the diference between colors such white and black those opposites that actually atract each other in some crazy ways sometimes we cant describe quite well. Perfection is a strong work and by definition almost impossible to reach. Ring and earrings are made with 3d printing tegnology another step into the future of manufacturing and design. Fashion isnt just all about clothing, T-shirt, Pullovers or jeans it is also inside our home in the form of interior design. Home decoration is also part of the wide range of products always looking for that geometric, geometry inspired shape that makes house and living spaces look alive, elegant and ready for anything being it party a dinner with friends. Wall dekor, living room candles and chandellers. The animal geometry collections was inspired by global warming and how it is affecting diferent animals / species using something as strong in our cultural habitat something like moda to reach out people while mking them look awsome sounds like pretty fair deal to CLAROSCURO.